Saying goodbye


Hugs for free!

I’ve never hugged so many people in such a short time span as I did the past two days. And I’ve definitely never meant each hug as much as I did now.

Saying goodbye is not an emotion. It’s terribly hard to describe what it feels like to say goodbye to my wonderful colleagues, friends or family. So I’m not even going to try. But I can say this: it feels nothing like all the other goodbyes I’ve been through.

Most of them were sad goodbyes. Like when people move out of your life or away from this world. Sad goodbyes. But this one isn’t. It feels more like a celebration. Of love. Of friendship. Of life and possibilities. And that’s what every single hug was infused with.

With each and every hug I’ve loaded up my battery with love, friendship & other warm and fuzzy feelings. So now I’m ready to take on the stress of the actual moving part. Mayhem, here I come!

Note: In Sweden, people generally don’t kiss on the cheek when they meet, like many other countries do. Instead they shake hands or… they hug. So I’m sorry if I hugged you when you’re not a hugger. I was only practising my Swedish greeting skills.

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