Saying goodbye [2]

It’s time. D-day. I’m moving. Here I go. Here I come.

I’ve emptied my home, stuffed most of my life into boxes for storage and I ended up living out of a suitcase in some kind of transit space for the past 6 days. It’s time. To take my two suitcases and fly away to a city I love, to a life I will have to build up again and to a scary amount of things I don’t know yet. But I’ve chosen this path for myself and I love it.

I can’t say the same about the people around me, the people I love. They didn’t choose this goodbye I’ve forced upon them. They have no choice but to let me go. So with every moment of goodbye I also sensed a sort of sadness in my friends, something I didn’t feel. At first that made me feel bad. As if I wasn’t taking this serious enough, as if I didn’t show my friends enough how much I will miss them soon, or as if I was ungrateful for their presence in my life. But that’s not the case. At all.

To all my friends and family: I love you and I will miss you. That’s a fact. I am grateful for all the moments I had with you the past few weeks. The coffee dates, the spontaneous chats over bottles of wine or the messages from those of you I couldn’t meet up with anymore. Those moments are what kept me sane in all this madness. So thank you. And don’t forget: on paper I might be far away, but that makes no difference to my heart. You’ll all be just as near to me in Stockholm. ❤

Here. I. go.

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