[2] “But why?” – the b-day edition

_DSF5475_curvesGrattis på födelsedagen!

After extensive research (can I ever make up my mind?), I decided to spend my birthday at Rosenhill, a wonderful garden and restaurant. It’s situated on Ekerö, an island in the large Mälaren lake. Not to be confused with this kind of Ekerö. Thank you for making this confusing, Ikea.

Rosenhill turned out to be the best place to hang around, have lunch, read, have a fika (coffee and cake), hang in a hammock underneath the apple trees while birds & butterflies kept me company, … It’s a perfect little hippie paradise:


These pictures show only a small part of Rosenhill. It’s huge and it gives you the feeling it’s never crowded even though there might actually be a lot of other people. There’s always a corner or a tree to give you that little bit of private space you need. Just perfect. Especially if you are an introvert just like me.

Eventually the temperatures rose too high, even in the shadow of the apple trees, so I escaped to the lake, only a 10 minute walk away, where I could plunge my feet in the water and read on without completely melting away. On my way home afterwards, I picked raspberries as red as my dress and all I could do was smile until my cheeks hurt. The little hippie in me felt very satisfied, what a day!

(c) all photos by me – please don’t use them without asking permission

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